Saturday, October 18, 2014

Workout Incident

It was 4.30 am when I got up to see the time. Slept back seeing that there was still time to 5.30am.

Few days back:
I didnt know I had so much love for dance and fitness. Sleep has always been so dear to me that I didnt miss it even during exams. So, when we decided that the session will be at 6.00 am  - I was doubtful about myself. But I decided to give it a try.

For some, it may not be a big deal. But for me, who has always been waking up late, this was a challenge in itself.

Few months back:
Few days back, when we had  dance sessions from 11.00 am, I had some issue in back due to which I wasnt able to move. I was in utter pain - painkillers were not helping, hot bags were not helping. I was bed-ridden for a day. Next day, the pain was there - this was the thought that was going on in my mind - ' If I didnt get up today, I might be in bed for - dont know how many days! ' So, I gathered all my strength and got up. Walked out slowly in the drawing room. I was in pain. Sitting on the chair was a big deal for me. Just took support and sat some how on the chair. And then somehow cooked something for the family - that gave some peace of mind. Kept moving through the day and the pain was subsiding. Took more than a week to get back to normal.  It was a painful thing - but that didnt stop me to continue my dance sessions.

Few days back:
When it was the first session at 6, that night I got up twice  - once at 2.30 am and then at 5 am. Finally got up at 5.45 am, got ready and had an awesome workout session.  This continued for few days - I didnt have any issue getting up early and I AM surprised by myself.

I got up at 5.45am as usual and got ready for the workout.We started sharp at 6.05am. It was the same workout I was doing. Stretching of muscles starting from head to toe. When I bent down touching the floor, knees straight and was in this position for quite some time. Then to left side of floor and then to right side. And after some time, it was time to raise slowly. I was happy today because I was not only able to touch the floor but also go a little further. When I raised slowly, I got blackout since head was down for quite some time - it was normal. But suddenly I also lost control of my body and had to sit down. So, I just laid straight on the floor for better blood circulation. I didnt have pain in my body. In few minutes, I again tried to get up and continue with the session. But again I lost control and had to sit back down. For few more minutes, I just laid down and watched my friends with a smile on my face - lot of jokes - 'aur mat karao Sir, nahi to hum bhi Sweta ki tarah let jaayenge'. I had different hot sensations in my body since my body was cooling down after the workout. I tried one more time to continue sitting down in the diamond position - but when I started going down, I again had a little giddy feeling. Been sipping water  but the feeling was not improving. Problem was I didnt have something before workout - wanted some sugar in the morning :).  So, I took some more time watching others. It was time to lie down on stomach and do the reverse for back. This I did with ease. Then got up. Still had the same feeling. Got home and had chocos and then breakfast. Got Eva ready for the school.
I was feeling physically low - but I had to get ready for my kid's Diwali celebration. I didnt want to spoil her celebration - she had been looking forward to it. So, got ready as decided - no compromise done there. And was well in time in school. When I sat in the chair in school, the same painful feeling in back reappeared. Then had the same thought - situations are decided by God, being happy is my decision. So I smiled. When it was time to dance with the kids, I danced forgetting about the pain - it was there - but my decision made all the difference. Within few hours, I was already missing my workout :). Completed the missed workout in the evening. :) And have been wanting more of it inspite of all the injuries.

And my faith in my decision has become stronger - no matter what - get up, dress up and show up. It makes sense in daily life. Be happy always - no matter what! Your decision makes all the difference.
Live life like its the last day and enjoy it to the fullest! Make a difference.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Thank you teachers!

Thank you Guruji for being there for me and guiding me at every point of life since I was born. Thank you Mummy, Papa who are my Gurus of Life,
Thank you Sadguruji for enlightening me and making me understand things which I was always looking for.
Thank you teachers who taught me to read and write. Thank you teachers who taught me to think logically and analytically - thank you teachers for showing me its as important to question as answering them.
Thank you teachers who showed me different sides of the coin and showing me my potential.
Thank you Dipti, Ashish and all my friends, colleagues, family members who have guided me at different points of life.
Happpy Teachers day to you!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

You are right !

You can do it or you cannot do it - whatever you think about yourself - you are always right.
You are what think about you.

 I am made by my own thoughts.  My life is the manifestation of my thoughts.  Each of us is a magician.  I have the power to change my life. Nobody else can do it for me. Its only me  who can do it.

I can get the guidance but its upto me to follow it. In school , everybody gets d same education - same books - how come some score well n some dont ?
Its me who decides to listen to whom - its me who decides to follow whom - thats what makes all d difference.  Its me who decides what I am capable of and hence what I deserve. I am capable of being at the top and I deserve to be at the top.
Your circle of influence is equally important and how encouraging and supporting they are. Not all would want to see you at the  top - except your Mom.
"How dare you think you are superior than us?"

"How dare you think you can reach d top ? "

Sometimes its ur inner voice - sometimes  your friends - all afraid of failure. ..

ghar se nikale bina kabhi cycle chalana  sikha hai bhai ?

I remember the days when I was in 12th std - preparing for exams - the result  were to decide my fate. I came from a super orthodox family. " how dare o think I can go for higher studies ? "

"How can you dream of going outside the town to study - you are a female.  You will not be allowed. Just be happy u r being allowed to study atleast.
Even if my parents wanted, we were a part of joint family where they hardly had a say.
I had just 1 option - score so high that they cannot deny me my destiny - score so high that money is not the hurdle for me and I get a free seat. My parents supported me in all possible ways. They had d belief because I had it in me.

I remember those days - one day that gave me the success mantra.
I used to go for English tutions. There was another professor who used to give Maths tutions.  I was not taking Maths tutions from him. But he used to test me if there was time to start for English class.  He said - everybody is preparing so well. All are giving their best. Why do you think you are better than them ?
Most of these aspiring students are putting 95% efforts. If you want to be at the top , you have to put 5% more efforts than them. That 5% over and above 95% makes all the difference.  If tou are putting same efforts like them, do not expect better results than them. To be at extraordinary place, you have to put extraordinary efforts. However intelligent you are, if your efforts are less, you are not going to the top. There is no shortcut to success.

I made this as my Mantra for Life - if I have to be at the top , I have to give my 100% efforts. Rest I leave to HIM.

It was no wonder that I got 100% in 12th in Physics, Chemistry n Mathematics - it was a proof that I had put 100% hard work, n  dedication. I was so focused on my goal that I turned blind n deaf to everything else. Didn't even hear to what my body was telling me - I met with accident and had lot of hurdles but that hardly bothered me. My parents My Mom took so much care that I had never to bother abt anything else.

I am following the same Mantra today ...
I am capable of reaching there and I deserve to be there.

I am right ...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Finding Myself (Your Questions Answered)

Many friends have called, commented and come back to me asking  what did I do or what have I found  or how I have found in "Blessed to have found myself". Sudesh asked if I have found my inner purpose of life. According to him, the outer purpose keeps changing.

Consider outer purpose as baby steps towards your inner purpose of life. If my inner purpose is known to me, my outer purposes will be aligned to reach my inner purpose. Very true that my inner purpose is constant throughout my life. Outer purposes will keep changing since I achieve them one by one, climbing the ladder to my inner purpose.

However consider that I didnt know my inner purpose of life  - then I will keep wandering throughout - thats why the questions of my existence, my purpose will keep coming back to me every now and then - I will not get that well-being feeling from within - since I dont know where I am heading to - what is it that I REALLY want in my life ? I have been there - that feeling made me very uncomfortable inspite of being excellent in whatever I had been doing - BECAUSE I didnt know if I was on the right track.

Inner purpose of life cannot be determined by others - it cannot be found by asking others whats yours ? But knowing other's inner purpose might give me some idea. But still I will not know my inner purpose until I am in that zone - that SEEKING Zone  - that UNCOMFORTABLE zone. If I am not even seeking or looking for it - the answers might be infront of me - but I will not see them. Its that SIMPLE!

Inner purpose - I call it the 'click' moment - that moment when something clicked my mind and heart - its that moment of life when everything else seems immaterial  - when something happens and the furniture in my mind gets shifted. Then I am ready to take any risks in life, Then I am open to trying things (legal and ethical) that I had never done before  - my Inner purpose  - the ultimate goal of life becomes larger than my life itself!

All may not have same inner goals but they may be inter-related. Then their outer goals also become become similar. Important is are you looking for your inner goal? IF you have found it, are your outer goals aligned towards your inner goals?

Yes, I have found my inner goal  and now I am aligning my outer goals for my inner purpose!

So, thankful to my destiny, to God for enlightening me, my mentors for showing me the path, my parents for making me capable enough to follow my heart and my sweetheart for always being there for me and supporting me in every single way!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.